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cavalier maskVIZARD Show is a product of the Olga’s International Trade LTD-Eastern Dance Studio-NEW WEST STUDIO, Canada’s first entertainment company that produces theatrical dance performance based on the traditions of the Carnival of Venice. The production combines classical and modern dance styles with various circus elements, pantomime, and laser show. The performers wear unique handcrafted masks and costumes with the use of wearable fabric technologies. Eighty unique masks and costumes have been created specially for this show. Forty-four professional dancers, actors and circus performers are involved in this show.

On Wednesday, June 29, 2016, VIZARD Show produced its first full Pilot-production with approximately running time of 110 minutes. VIZARD Show is a collaborative project of more than six local dance, media and event planning companies. Their focus is simple – to create unique entertainment and art experience for Alberta and Canada residents that would distinguish itself from other entertainment shows available on art scene today.

Our mission is to promote Multiculturalism, folk and ethnic cultures, things which unite different nations and people. We give an opportunity to local artists and dancers to express their creative talents through performing arts. We want to create an entertainment show which will help to promote our city not only as a production and oil capital of Canada, but as a cultural centre.

Our social responsibility goes towards many local and national not-for-profit organizations through public awareness and monetary donations, including YYCharity, True Beauty Foundation and Canadian Transplant Association Alberta Division (CTA). In addition to these fundraising initiatives, we will also raise funds for those affected by the wildfire in Fort McMurray. We are support charity organization Kids Up Front Calgary.

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    Vizard Show Premiere

    • Location 230 University Court Northwest, University Way NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
    • Date Wednesday, 29 June 2016
    • Time 19:00
    • Ticket Price 25-60

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